Let’s Go for 07!!

Ok, so I’m a little late! Who cares, I’ve been busy with BASEBALL!!!

It has been so cold here in ATL lately. We went to the home opener and froze our a* off! I guess the cold affected the Braves players too. I think it would have killed Andruw to hustle just a little. Too cold? Well, pay me $100 and I would have GLADLY battled the cold in his place. At least I would have ATTEMPTED to go after some balls! Poor Andruw!

And what about that second baseman they had out there, Chris Woodward? Geeezz, was he nervous or what! I’m not real sure about him. He’s going to have to show a steady line of consistancy before I get behind him.

I am so much a Mark Redman fan. I hate that both of his starts have resulted in a loss. He needs just a tad more control and a little help from the offense when he is pitching and he will be just fine! Just stay with him folks! Stay with him!

I’m so glad to see the Yankees off to a bad start! Nothing makes me happier! It sure has shut up ESPN folks for a while. Its nice to be able to watch Sportscenter without everyone gloating on the Yankees. I’m sure the pity parties will soon follow if they keep this slow pace!

Anyone know how Nick Johnson is doing? Is he going to be able to play this year? I saw him at the game the other day (I think, as I was in nosebleeds). I’d like to see him come back to a decent year, even if he is with the Nationals.

Bluffton is back to playing. I’m glad they are able to attempt to finish the season with their great loss. That accident was such a big thing here. EVERYONE wanted to help. Maybe next year, they will win it all!

Heavy heart for the Hokies. They aren’t playing baseball this week. I thought it was cool of the Nats to wear VT hats. It was said that was an idea of a fan sent via email. Good job Nats!

Hey Everyone, April 20th is Hokie Hope Day. Virginia Tech family members have united to declare this day an Orange and Maroon effect day to honor those killed in the tragic events on Monday and to support the surviving family members, faculty, staff, and students.